Culinary Judaics Academy's Video Workshop Modules are designed to bring delicious recipes and meaningful Jewish learning straight to YOUR HOME! Learn more about our individual modules below and join us in the kitchen for a tasty, fun, and Jewishly fulfilling experience!

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Every single workshop includes a...

Cooking Connection

We take our workshop's theme into the kitchen, with relatable application that any chef can use--from the first-time baker to the restaurant professional.

Jewish Connection

Then we ask, "What does this have to do with Judaism?" You'll be surprised of our breadth and depth of Jewish learning!

Everyday Connection

Finally, we ask and answer a "Thinking Question" that applies the workshop's theme to YOUR everyday life! You walk away with both culinary skills and empowering life skills!

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Kitchen Cornerstones

Jewish Values

Life at Home

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Jews Around the World

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


This module takes you through the Jewish calendar and gives a new perspective on some of our most prominent holidays! Every workshop will make the holiday not just an ancient ritual but also deeply relevant to your modern life, too!

$44.00 USD

Jews Around the World

In this module, we will travel around the world to learn about Jews throughout the Jewish Diaspora, who had to migrate to new places and adapt to their surroundings in order to survive, while keeping their Jewish tradition and history alive. We’ll be moving chronologically through time, but every workshop will bring us back to the modern-day to contextualize the history.

$44.00 USD


This module explores the meaning of “Israel” as a concept, as a place, and as a people throughout Jewish history. In every workshop, we will explore “Israel Then” and “Israel Now” to contextualize each theme in the modern state of Israel today.

$44.00 USD

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