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Happy Summer! We're excited to share another delicious Shabbat recipe for your summer cooking: CJA's Grilled Za'atar Salmon with Shakshuka Sauce, and while giving you new cooking skills, we're also making a Jewish connection to the health benefits of this special holiday.

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Join us in the kitchen this June 26th!

Like all of our cooking workshops, we will make a delicious recipe while deepening our Jewish learning. Specifically, we'll be cooking up a very special GRILLED ZA'ATAR SALMON with SHAKSHUKA SAUCE - perfect for family and friends this season--while learning about HEALTH BENEFITS OF SHABBAT! By signing up, you'll gain free access to our CJA Community Hub & Archived Cook-Along Workshops, where families can share their successes in the kitchen, post pictures of the food we cook together, meet and chat with new Chef friends, and ask questions of Team CJA. Try out three months free by signing up. JOIN THE HUB!

Make a delicious recipe

Every month, we choose a new recipe connecting us to our Jewish roots. This month, we're making a delicious summer grilled salmon for Shabbat!

Deepen Jewish connection

We make each Jewish holiday relevant to your life, allowing you to engage more deeply with every Jewish holiday throughout the year!

Engage in community

By signing up, you get access to our new Community Hub, where you can post pics and videos and interact with other CJA Community members--as well as Team CJA.

Ready to cook?

Join us in the kitchen this June 26th!

"During this year of staying home, it is difficult to find quality, experiential activities for our students to do together. We are so lucky to know Chef Danny Corsun and be part of Culinary Judaics Academy. My students (as well as a few adults and I!) had a wonderful time cooking along with Danny and his amazing co-chef, Zoey -- not only learning, tasting, doing, but also connecting with people from other Jewish communities. Thank you!"

Rabbi/Cantor Diane Rose
Cool Shul


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