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Welcome to Culinary Judaics Academy!

Culinary Judaics Academy is an empowering and meaningful program for ALL in the Jewish spectrum - No matter your age, affiliation or practice! What makes Culinary Judaics Academy so effective is how we use cooking as the vehicle to teach about Jewish values, holidays, Torah, Israel and more! Your family and the families in your organization can cook and learn together following our Jewish themed video modules led enthusiastically by father-daughter duo, Chefs Danny & Zoey Corsun. The best part? Everyone loves experiential learning! Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself below!


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Inclusive Cook & Learn Workshops

How does CJA offer a sense of belonging in Households and Jewish Organizations around the world? These three ways...

Virtual Education

We're so excited to bring Culinary Judaics Academy to our online platform, where high-quality video workshops are delivered straight to your home, classroom, or your entire Jewish community! Each workshop includes thoughtful Jewish learning designed for learners of all ages--and a delicious recipe along with cooking instruction.

Quality Time

Cooking is one of the best ways to create memories with your family or friends. When combined with the learning in our Judaic workshops, it becomes a recipe for meaningful fun! And once the cooking is done, we provide supplemental materials with each workshop to enable educators, parents, and older learners to have deeper conversations around the dinner table--and dive deeper on their own!

Interactive Community

Here at Culinary Judaics Academy, we've created a community of Jewish learners inside and outside of the kitchen. As part of our membership, all learners gain access to our CJA Community Hub, with exclusive live Zoom classes each month (and access to previous Zoom classes), Q&As with Chef Danny and Team CJA, interactive posting, prizes, and more!

Ready To Cook?

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