Is your ORGANIZATION looking for exciting, relatable and inclusive Jewish content to integrate into your academic curriculum or community offerings? You've come to the right place! Culinary Judaics Academy's workshops are designed to simultaneously deliver meaningful Jewish learning and delicious recipes (**ALL recipes, not just Jewish themed dishes) straight to your community--in the classroom, at communal events and in their home kitchens! Learn more about how our tasty, fun, and Jewishly fulfilling programming can profoundly impact your whole community, no matter their affiliation or level of practice, while helping them create meaningful memories together!

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What does Culinary Judaics Academy offer?

High Quality Video Workshops

Professional filming and editing; meaningful Jewish learning curated by experienced Jewish educators; and fun, relatable, and clear delivery sets our video cooking workshops apart.


Live Zoom Cook-Along Workshops

We love supplementing our video workshops with personalized, private cooking workshops designed for our specific partner organizations! Is your community looking to celebrate a Jewish holiday or special milestone? Get in touch!


Available Themed Series

Pick and choose which of our thoughtfully curated thematic series of workshops will resonate most with your community for a customized curriculum package!  

Kitchen / Jewish Cornerstones

Kitchen / Jewish Cornerstones is CJA’s way of giving you the basics, the cornerstone techniques you really need to know, to be able to cook anything with us! By going through these seven workshops, you will not only build a strong foundation in the kitchen, but also a strong foundation for Jewish living that you can take into your everyday life!

Read Kitchen / Jewish Cornerstones Series Breakdown

Jewish Values

This series will explore seven Jewish Values that anyone at any age can use to bring more meaning into every day and to help the people and world around them. Jewish Values like Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World - become accessible in these hands-on cook and learn workshops. 

Read Jewish Values Series Breakdown

A Jewish Home

The environment in which we live has a profound impact on our health, stress level, and values. The Jewish practices we cultivate in A Jewish Home series will help you intentionally build healthy habits both in and outside of the home!

Read A Jewish Home Series Breakdown


This series takes you through the Jewish calendar and gives a new perspective on some of our most prominent holidays! Every workshop will make the holiday not just an ancient ritual but also deeply relevant to your modern life, too!

Read Holidays Series Breakdown

Jews Around The World

In this series, we will travel around the world to learn about Jews throughout the Jewish Diaspora, who had to migrate to new places and adapt to their surroundings in order to survive, while keeping their Jewish tradition and history alive. We’ll be moving chronologically through time, but every workshop will bring us back to the modern-day to contextualize the history.

Series Breakdown for Jews Around the World


This series explores the meaning of Israel as a concept, as a place, and as a people throughout Jewish history. In every workshop, we will explore “Israel Then” and “Israel Now” to contextualize each theme in the modern state of Israel today.

Read Israel Series Breakdown

Included with your workshop series package

Culinary Judaics Academy believes that cooking together builds community. So, in addition to the high quality video workshops, purchasing our curriculum for your community also gives you access to our Community Hub and monthly live holiday-themed Community Hub workshops. That means over the course of your community's year-long access, they will also get access to 12 additional live Zoom workshops!

Looking for a taste?

Check out a full-length sample workshop FOR FREE by clicking the button below!

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High Quality Video Workshops

Each of our workshops includes two robust components--1. in-depth written curriculum curated by experienced Jewish educators and based around a particular Jewish theme; and 2. an experiential and engaging accompanying video workshop. 

In every workshop, we start by introducing our topic in the kitchen and tie it into Jewish practice or values. Then we cook a full recipe with video instructions, and end by applying that Jewish lesson to our own everyday lives today.

Expect experiential cooking instruction, engaging learning & storytelling, and delicious recipes approved by learners of all ages--all in the comfort of your own home!


Written Curriculum

CJA also provides in-depth supplemental curriculum that can be utilized by individual community members, educators and community organizers. We have had teachers utilize our supplemental curriculum to both augment and complement their lessons, and program directors use the supplemental curriculum to start discussions in their community groups after making the recipe. And of course, individual community members can dive deeper into the video's topic by using the supplemental to learn more and spur on thoughtful conversations at the dinner table!

Curated Series

Each series consists of seven 13-15 minute workshops, grouped by a specific topic. Each workshop is jam-packed with fun, relatable Jewish learning, a delicious recipe, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step cooking instructions. To learn more about a specific series, scroll down to read our Series Breakdowns for each of our available thematic series!

Every single workshop includes a...


Cooking Connection

We take our workshop's theme into the kitchen, with relatable application that any chef can use--from the first-time baker to the restaurant professional.

Jewish Connection

Then we ask, "What does this have to do with Judaism?" You'll be surprised of our breadth and depth of Jewish learning!

Everyday Connection

Finally, we ask and answer a "Thinking Question" that makes Judaism personal by applying the workshop's Jewish theme to YOUR everyday life! You walk away with empowering culinary and life skills!

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How do organizations use CJA's video workshops?

Live Zoom Cook-Along Workshops

Looking for a private Zoom cook-along class?

Look no further! CJA works closely with programming professionals, administrators, and teachers to tailor our experiential workshops to address your organizational goals. Whether you want to celebrate a Jewish holiday or milestone event, we provide an inclusive and interactive environment for chefs of all levels to cook something amazing and have fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more?

We'd love to chat about your organizational needs and determine what competitively-priced, organizational package will work best for you! We offer high volume discounted rates available for Synagogues, Schools, Camps & Jewish Organization partners.

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