Meet The Team

Chef Danny


Founder and Educator

Hi and welcome to Culinary Judaics Academy!

In addition to being an incredibly lucky husband and father of two, I am also a NYC transplant, having moved to LA in 1990. Though I am still a die hard Yankee fan, I'm a sucker for California beaches! While I consider myself the most fortunate person on the planet to have created Culinary Kids Academy because of the profound impact it has on all who experience it, teaching actually represents my second career. As hard as it is for me to remember at this point, I actually spent 20 years in the entertainment industry both in TV and Film - And I don't miss it at all! 

Since taking Culinary Academy to the masses in 2005, I can proudly say that our cutting edge, empowering and fun workshops have reached over 50,000 public and private school students all over Los Angeles (and beyond), with hundreds of thousands yet to come! 

I am surely proof that if you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life! Thank you Culinary Academy!

Chef Zoey



Hi, I'm Chef Zoey!
My love for cooking and food began way back when I started cooking with my Dad when I was four years old. As soon as I could make my own food, I did! I can even recall setting up my own restaurant in our house called (of course) "The Yum Yum Restaurant '' serving my family a full menu of items - And it definitely lived up to its name. Food and healthy cooking has played such a large role in my life that I have chosen to major in Dietetics and Nutrition in college with a focus on Sports Performance. Which is really a combination of all things I love as I grew up in a big sports house and have been a dancer for forever. 
I really enjoy bringing my passion for nutrition and Judaism into every CJA workshop and hope I can help you live a healthy and happy Jewish life!  

Our Curriculum Team

Leenie Baker


Leenie loves working for CJA because the creative workshops combine all of her favorite things--delivering curriculum in a fun and unique way, working with learners of all ages, and making delicious food! Her favorite Jewish holiday is Tu B’Shevat and, because she grew up with a large organic garden, she loves vegetables, especially leafy greens!

Becca Levy


Becca is an Jewish and arts educator, theatre artist, yoga instructor, and lover of all things food! She is so happy to combine so many of these skills and passions with CJA. In her work as an educator, Becca is most driven by values-based education that works to build strong communities and inspires exploration of self-identity. Becca's favorite food is any kind of breakfast food, her favorite Jewish holiday is Passover.

Robin Melameth


Robin truly enjoys Jewish culture, history and wisdom and relishes the opportunity to bring someone on my educational journey with me. Her favorite part about teaching is learning from her students; everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. Her favorite Jewish holidays are Purim and Passover (once you get past all of the cleaning). Her favorite food is anything with orange and dark chocolate together.


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