Welcome PJ Library Los Angeles!

Welcome to Culinary Judaics Academy! Just like PJ Library, we aim to support any family raising Jewish children--affiliated, unaffiliated, interfaith or non-traditional. While our good friends at PJ Library do this with their beautiful, well-curated books and special programs, we support and connect with our families through cooking!

Please scroll down to learn more about Culinary Judaics Academy! We are proud to partner with PJ Library to provide a discount to PJ Library families for our ongoing prerecorded video workshops.


What is Culinary Judaics Academy?

Culinary Judaics Academy is an empowering and meaningful program for ALL in the Jewish world - No matter your age, affiliation or practice! What makes CJA so special is how we use cooking lessons and delicious food as the engaging vehicle to creatively and caringly teach about Jewish values, holidays, Torah, Israel and so much more! The best part? Everyone loves experiential learning! Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself below!


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What We Do

Our 13-15 minute workshops start by introducing our Jewish topic, include a full recipe with video instructions, and end by applying that Jewish lesson to our own everyday lives today.

In every workshop, expect experiential cooking instruction, engaging learning & storytelling, and delicious recipes approved by learners of all ages--all in the comfort of your own home!

And these videos aren't just great for your kids; We also provide additional supplemental materials for curious adults looking to deepen their learning too!

Joining the Culinary Judaics Academy Community also provides full access to our Community Hub, which offers live and interactive communication to other CJA families and Team CJA!

What You'll Get In Your First Month 

Our first 2 Kitchen Cornerstone workshops (new workshops available on a biweekly basis).

Full access to our Community Hub, which includes:

- An hour-long cook-along Zoom class each month

- Interactive posting with community members, with support from Team CJA

- Special access to bonus content and prizes!

We're happy to offer PJ Library families a 10% discount on a monthly or yearly subscription for the first year!

Monthly Subscription


Join our membership now for full access to our biweekly videos and Community Hub content!


Yearly Subscription


Save $40 by joining for a year, with additional special prizes for Yearly Members available periodically in the Community Hub!


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Get in touch! Email us at [email protected].