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We're so excited for you to cook and learn with us. We are proud to partner with VBS  so that part of every VBS purchase of our digital content also goes back to VBS. Learn more below!

What is Culinary Judaics Academy?

Culinary Judaics Academy is an empowering and meaningful program for ALL in the Jewish world - No matter your age, affiliation or practice! What makes CJA so special is how we use cooking lessons and delicious food as the engaging vehicle to creatively teach about Jewish values, holidays, Torah, Israel and so much more! The best part? Everyone loves experiential learning! Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself below!


Looking for more? Learn more about our robust curriculum and video content below:

For Single Households


Ready to get cooking with us in your home kitchen? We're excited to offer our video workshops for individual households--perfect for all ages for an experiential family cooking experience, date night, or self-care treat!


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